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There are many reasons why someone would like to migrate to Cyprus. The reasons range from retirement or leisure to investment. The increase in the development of infrastructure, construction, technology and the expansion of high quality professional services is always a priority for potential investors. Being a member of the EU Cyprus, obtaining a citizenship means free travel, residency and work across the EU as well as education.

It is especially important to note that since 2013 non-EU citizens (as well as their spouses and children under the age of 28) can acquire the Cyprus Citizenship through direct investment in Cyprus within 3 months from submitting their application. You can read our brochure in relation to the investment routes that this can be achieved by clicking on the pdf links above.

Furthermore, a Permanent Residence Permit can be obtained within 2 months from the date of submitting the application provided that the individual invests in residential property.

At Hadjinestoros LLC we specialise in a variety of immigration related services including applications for citizenships by exception (through individual or collective investment), Permanent Residence Permits (Category F) as well as Temporary Residence Permits (for executive and managerial or key personnel).

Our team will:

  • Help the investor find a property by using our highly professional network of licensed real estate agents and developers.
  • Advise clients on the financial criteria to be met and help you in filing in the paperwork required.
  • Support and update you throughout the application process.
  • Act with full confidentiality.
  • Knows the procedure and can finish the process quickly.
  • Run due diligence checks on the property to be purchased.
  • Draft or peruse the agreements for the purchase of the property.

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