Family Law (Divorce) in Cyprus

The Family Courts of Cyprus have jurisdiction to adjudicate on divorce proceedings provided that the spouses (or one of them) reside permanently in Cyprus for a period of at least 3 months prior to the application for divorce.

Provided that this condition is met, the Family Courts of Cyprus can decide on the dissolution of any marriage irrespective of whether this is a religious wedding or a civil wedding and irrespective of the place at which the marriage was celebrated. The religion of the parties is also not taken into account for the purposes of divorce proceedings in Cyprus.

In accordance with the Family Courts Law (Law 23/90) an application for the dissolution of the marriage can be filed, among other reasons, whenever the marriage has been shattered for reasons relating to the other spouse or to both of the spouses and which has the result that the continuation of marital life for the applicant has become intolerable.

The shattering of the marriage includes inter alia, a disparity in the characters of the spouses.

A consensual divorce is not legal under the Cyprus legal system. However, provided that there is a continuing separation between the spouses for a period of over 4 years, any of the spouses can file for a divorce. In such a case, the court will grant a divorce irrespective of who is responsible for the shattering of the marriage.

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